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Our People

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    Nilmini De Silva

    Nilmini is the author of Fate of Destiny, a collection of photos and stories that aims to inspire people to make conscious choices in life. With qualifications in civil engineering, local government management and project management, she is currently working toward demonstrating the principles of the Circular Economy with audiences around Australia. As Director of PolisPlan & Beautility Developments she is working towards the design and development of regenerative cities. These cities will strive towards environmental, social and economic  sustainability which Nil will drive through her project management and strategic engineering skills as well as through her creative writing and photography.

    Nilmini has over 25 years experience in flood risk management both as a consultant and in local government, in Australia, California and Sri Lanka. She has been a guest lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney, University of NSW & at the University of Tasmania and presented papers at numerous conferences. She has facilitated many community consultation processes to obtain outcomes for communities transitioning to a Circular Economy.

    Prior to PolisPlan, Nilmini was the Natural Systems Manager at Fairfield City Council where she led a multi disciplinary team of 20 staff and was recognised as an industry leader in flood risk management.  She is also a former Director - Land Use Planning of the NSW Floodplain Management Association (FMA). In 2009, Nilmini was selected to represent NSW on a ‘Water Sensitive Cities’ tour of Europe.

    Nil has also launched a number of solo photographic exhibitions including an Associated Exhibition at the HeadOn 2015 Photo Festival and had an image selected by National Geographic for online publication. She combines both her professional and creative skills to empower local communities to transition to a low carbon future, enabling them to be more resilient, build social capital and reduce costs.

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    Nilmini's Qualifications and Affiliations:

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    Steven Liaros

    Steven is the author of Rethinking the City—an exploration of the historical ideas that underpin the organisation of cities, showing how these ideas are now being transformed by the Internet. With qualifications in civil engineering, town planning and environmental law, Steven is currently undertaking research at the University of Sydney's Department of Political Economy with the aim of designing a package of public policy principles that would drive the implementation of the Circular Economy as a framework for building resilient and globally connected, local communities.

    With over 25 years experience in local government and as a consultant, Steven has been involved in a broad range of developments. His main area of interest is the relationship between the public and private domains, most commonly experienced through the difficulty of delivering appropriate public infrastructure with private residential development.

    Since the launch of his book in 2014, Steven has expanded his repertoire and delivered numerous public and university guest lectures as well as facilitating a number of workshops aimed at bringing the ideas of the Circular Economy into reality.

    Steven believes that we are responsible for the environment that we create. The cities we build reflect who we are and what we care about. We can create cities that are both economically and environmentally sustainable by using the best of modern technology and working with the cycles of nature to provide for our needs at minimal cost. We can create cities that are socially sustainable by collaborating, sharing, treating each other as equals, living authentically and enabling the freedom of others.

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    Steven's Qualifications and Affiliations: