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Everything Is Connected: Green Institute Conference. Building a Green Politics for the next 25 Years.

at Old Parliament House, Canberra, October 27-28, 2017

PolisPlan are excited to be involved with the Green Institute Conference. We have been invited to sit on a panel discusion at the conference. Here is the gist of what we will be discussing. 

The Australian economy is in the midst of a major transition and the government is calling for an ‘ideas boom’. With cities also on the agenda, there is no better time to explore innovative ideas for the development and building of cities.


To imagine environmentally sustainable, socially resilient and economically efficient and affordable cities of the future we must pose some challenging questions: What could cities look like in the Internet Age if we were to take full advantage of social networking, open source knowledge and online collaborative platforms? Could online retailing together with 3D printing make redundant the supply chains as well as the buildings and infrastructure utilised by ‘business as usual’? Can we redesign the urban metabolism and build a zero waste city? Better still, could we design cities to resonate with natural cycles? Is it possible, for example, to produce food, manage waste, harvest water, clean grey and black water and power a city with renewable energy within its local catchment? Does the transition to a distributed renewable energy system point to a broader redistribution of power, in turn reorganising our cities into a distributed Internet of Cities? What can we learn from the Indigenous worldview of the land as a network of waterholes connected by storylines?


The authors believe that technological change is enabling a fundamental restructuring of cities and societies but that this will only be realised when we embrace a new narrative—and perhaps the seeds of this narrative were sown at the time of the French and American Revolutions. Can we design cities for Freedom, Equality and Compassion?


The presentation will include a description of a land development project PolisPlan is currently developing, together with partner Research Institutes and other interested parties.