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Powering the Change to a Circular Economy 15-16th November

at Tonsley Innovation District, Adelaide, South Australia

PolisPlan are excited to be presenting our ideas at the first Australasian conference entirely dedicated to the challenges of implementing the circular economy. Here is the abstract we submitted to the conference. 


To power the transition to a Circular Economy, it is essential that the built environment is designed to incubate and encourage the development of such businesses and business models. How do we plan for, and design a built environment, that leverages Circular Economy concepts to foster startup ventures?


The principles of the Circular Economy aim to design out waste, keep materials in use and rebuild natural capital. Yet despite the general acceptance of these principles and their development from an appreciation of natural systems, their application to the design of a place in the natural world do not yet appear to be fully explored. 


This presentation will explore how we might design a living and working environment by deliberately delineating between the biological circular economy as a living environment and the technological circular economy as a work environment. The efficient management of the water cycle, food cycle, renewable energy microgrid, plus living and work spaces in the biological economy should maximise the time, space and therefore opportunity for the development of business models in the technological circular economy.


We will conclude by describing how land use planning would accommodate the development of such Circular Economy Business Incubation Centres.