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Who We Are

PolisPlan is a mobile consultancy of town planning and strategic engineering professionals that assists communities in the development of their village, town or urban environment to achieve economically, socially and environmentally sustainable outcomes.

Steven Liaros and Nilmini De Silva can assist you to develop locally applicable projects, document these in a masterplan and then navigate the town planning processes to achieve greater local resilience.

Working with local government, community groups or private developers we implement the principles of the circular economy, encompassing emerging ideas such as online sharing economy platforms, community renewable energy schemes, water sensitive urban design, 3D printing, cohousing, coworking and Transition Town principles. We plan for the integration of private housing with shared infrastructure and assets that serve the principal needs of the residents.

We also present our ideas through academic and creative writing as well as documentary photography. In August 2014 we published two books: Rethinking the City by Steven Liaros and Fate or Destiny by Nilmini De Silva.


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Visit our shop page to find out more about Rethinking the City by Steven Liaros & Fate or Destiny by Nilmini De Silva

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Visit the workshops page to read more about how we can assist your community to become more resilient. 

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Visit the documentary photography page for information about our creative services to effect social change through art and commentary OR if you wish to be part of Nilmini's current work in progress - Migrant Stories around Australia.

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Our Philosophy

This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.   ‒ Plato

We believe that we need a new paradigm for land development and town planning. One based on ‘Freedom, Equality and Compassion’, rather than ‘Jobs and Growth’. Our vision for future cities is to develop a network of local village scale settlements (including transitioning existing suburbs and towns), designed with integrated systems that will provide a discrete population with efficient living and working spaces and an abundance of water, food and energy.

This can be achieved through the merging of ancient knowledge—that designed places to be in resonance with the natural environment—with new technologies, that enable efficient storage of renewable energy and treatment of harvested water. As robots take over our jobs, local access to all of our basic needs freely will mean less work, thus liberating us to pursue our passions and collaborate to build the cities of the 21st century. We can then begin the transition to a zero waste lifestyle—creating resilient cities that will function on the principles of a Circular Economy, emulating the cyclic nature of the natural world.

Our vision is both to collaborate in the creation of a network of such One Planet communities, and also to be a conduit that facilitates the connection between them through the sharing economy and peer-to-peer trading—a vision inspired by learning how indigenous people survived and thrived as they travelled from one water hole to another. 

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Partners and Affiliations